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  • Department Vision & Mission


    To create a center for imparting technical education of national standards to face the current and future challenges of technological development and to serve as a valuable resources for industry and society.


    M1: To produce quality software engineers by adopting sound teaching and learning process through seminar, quizzes and projects.

    M2:  To boost confidence in students through PDP and workshops.

    M3:  To build a strong a practical foundation of students to use latest software and simulators.

    M4: To fill up the gap between industry and academic & focus on practical learning and industrial visit.

  • Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

    Program Educational Objectives are:

    PEO1: Apply sound knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Engineering to fulfill the needs of industry.

    PEO2: Design effective and interdisciplinary systems through latest digital technology.

    PEO3: Inculcate professional-social ethics, team work and leadership for serving the country.

    PEO4: Inculcate lifelong learning in the field of technology for successful career in organization.

  • Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

    Computer Science &Engineering Graduates will be able to:

    PSO 1:To enhance skills to utilize system software and hardware in the domain of Computer Science and Engineering.

    PSO 2:To enhance knowledge and skills by using various concepts of artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile computing, soft computing and neural network.

    PSO 3: To efficiently use the concepts & tools of databases and data mining.